Is an Admin account right for you?


High performing professionals surround themselves with talented people. Our success is a direct reflection from the people around us. We don’t grow without people.


Each of us has a role in the people equation. At OBEO, we focus on roles not titles. Doing so helps us keep a flat organization, but more importantly gives a certain nimbleness and multi-faceted growth. 


Similarly, we designed our platform with a variety of use cases in mind, all of which are easily controllable through proper permissions (thank you Salesforce for the technical architecture to make this possible!). 


As your real estate media partner, we want to help you reach your maximum potential.


You may be a coordinator who works with several offices or people, a sales person who has multiple staff members,  or an individual waiting to make your growth move.


Whatever your role, if you want to scale without working double-time, or automate the real estate media fulfillment process, then we should talk. 


Benefits of an Admin account include:
1. Roster and sub-account management
2. Insight into all orders
3. Global brand settings
4. Global marketing channel settings
5. Pricing consistency
6. Centralized billing
7. Multiple billing options
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