Posting high quality content 
has never been easier.


Social media platforms have evolved to become powerful marketing machines for high performing professionals, 80% using Facebook for business purposes.


Facebook is the perfect online environment for finding leads and networking. With over half of buyers and renters finding their property on the internet, Facebook has become a requirement to succeed in marketing yourself and your listings.  


As with any marketing strategy, your effectiveness is directly correlated to the kind of engaging content you post and whether you have a clearly defined audience. 


While there are many types of content you could post to Facebook, nearly 20% of Facebook users find property listings to be the most engaging.


Think about it. The people who follow you on Facebook know you as a real estate professional. You can and should post relevant information about the current market conditions, tips and tricks, or other community related details. To really have the impact you want, however, you should your posts should contain high quality media. 


Data shows that high quality pictures and videos outperform text posts by nearly 1,200%.


If you want your followers to see and engage with neighbor housing availability, then show them your premium photos from OBEO. 


High performers want automation, especially for recurring tasks. You should not manually post listings to Facebook. With OBEO’s Facebook App, you can automate your OBEO Tours to your personal or business Facebook page. Here’s how:  
Login to your OBEO Account
Step 1 – Click on your Profile image to access your account
Step 2 – Click on Apps tab
Step 3 – Select the Facebook App
Step 4 – Click install and login with your personal or business credentials