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Automated Real Estate Brochure Templates

First, verify that your OBEO Profile is complete

Brochures are meant to generate leads, so make sure your information is accurate.

Then, choose your layout

Several options to choose from, and all are pleasing to the customer’s eye. Which one is most pleasing to you?

Finally, print or e-share

Download and share the PDF document or print and deliver. Either way, you and your listings win.

I used to take photo's myself. Then I would spend hours sorting through hundreds of photos to find the right ones and then try to clean up the photos so they look nicer and more professional. Using OBEO saves me time, energy, and puts my clients at ease.

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Aundrea Paskett, Minnesota

Of all the things I have to order as an admin from the different vendor websites, OBEO is by far the easiest and most simple.

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Kim Foster - Chapman Richards, Utah
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