Broker unlocks hidden value by offering OBEO photography to agents

Kim Foster


“Hit snooze three times” days

We all have those days – “what do you mean it’s not Friday?” days. Managing the listing process for our brokerage involves working with a variety of vendors to make things happen – contracts, signs, lockboxes, photography, marketing materials, etc. Working hard for our agents and homeowners can, at times, make for some high pressure, caffeine induced days.

Adapting to change

Real estate is always changing and the ability to adapt to the market is crucial. When OBEO came out with their new platform, it was groundbreaking. Agents tend to have a “favorite photographer”, so it took them a couple of times to realize that OBEO really was able to deliver the same great quality, experience, and consistent results, no matter which photographer was sent.

You can’t mess it up

Of all the things I have to order as an admin from the different vendor websites, OBEO is by far the easiest and most simple. It is intuitive and honestly makes the whole process a breeze. And if you need help, their Support is amazing. Whether we create a case online or call, they’re helping within minutes. It’s invaluable to have a partner like OBEO that works so well and be available if we need help.

The real value

In today’s world, agents need high quality photography to get their listing noticed. Our listings stand out because of OBEO. When you do 270 listings a year, you need to look more than good…you need to look amazing. With all of the admin tools OBEO has developed, it has become so much easier to manage our agent roster, marketing materials, and fulfillment workflow. OBEO has really made admin’s lives easier, and agents and brokers more successful.

Chapman Richards OBEO setup

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