Agent learns the secret of business partners in her system

Aundrea Paskett

Minnesota and Wisconsin

From Corporate to Independent

Although an accountant by practice, my personality didn’t jive with the stereotypical bean counter. I knew my time was done in corporate America after I realized how much fun I had with my own real estate transactions and how much pain I was experiencing with my micromanaging boss. In 2005, it was time to move on.

New Team, New Beginnings

Although I knew finance, I was trying to figure out what self-employment really was. I joined a large brokerage that taught me the ropes. After a couple of years, I saw colleagues lose everything in the downturn and committed to never let that happen to me. But I needed more than what the current broker offered. I needed a more experienced mentor that could help me through crazy situations agents often deal with.

Ah-Ha Moment

My new broker, Justin, helped build my confidence through implementing systems and processes that included strong business partners. In my first year, I went from 7-10 transactions to over 20. One of the keys to my success was realizing that real estate is all about representation and that I was taking on too much risk and spending too much time and effort taking photos myself.

The Payoff

When Justin introduced me to OBEO, I quickly realized why they are a key to a successful listing experience. With every photo shoot, the photographer only takes around 30 minutes, I receive images the next day, my clients are impressed, and we get more showings. You just can’t beat OBEO’s quality, affordability, reliability, and impact as a business partner.

Building to new heights

I’ve grown my career in real estate and now manage my own team because I’ve learned how to use systems to guide homeowners through a complex process. Today, sellers need high-quality professional photos to get the best exposure online possible. OBEO is the best business partner to make that happen and should be in every Agent’s system when listing a home.

Aundrea’s OBEO setup

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