Marketing your listing just got easier

Every new real estate listing needs photography, a sign, and a lockbox. Instead of working with multiple vendors to get new listing services, OBEO and T&T have joined together to provide new listing services under one roof.
“Acquisitions have to make sense for everyone involved, but especially for the customer,” says Grant Bigler, VP of OBEO.
Tanner Peck, President of T&T Serving You shares the same philosophy, adding “we make our customer’s business our #1 priority.”
Both OBEO and T&T also share a similar cultural foundation, delivering “premium quality and service, on time, every time.” Both company’s on-demand servicing allows customers to get listing services within a day in any location in the entire state of Utah.
“Simplicity is our hottest product,” Tanner Peck
“Merging with OBEO allows us to deliver even higher service levels to our existing customers while enabling us to grow even faster,” Tanner continued.
OBEO nailed it – their technology makes it easy to order, view the status of all your listings, the condition of your signs, marketing automation, and a lot more. They’ve also made it easy for customers to get help when they need it.”
Customers will soon be able to save by bundling services together. But Grant described that they are just beginning. “Efficiency helps us pass savings back to our customer. Combining services together like this is a step in a direction we’ve highly anticipated for a few years now. We believe that customers can get premium products and services and non-premium pricing, and we’re on a mission to deliver just that.”
Grant observed, “agent and broker reputations are built or destroyed based on third-party vendor’s reliability. Tanner’s team excels in delivering at high levels, something unique to that space. His expertise will be welcomed as we expand sign and lockboxes and other services to our national footprint.”
OBEO is excited to help many more agents and broker’s across the nation see why OBEO is the premier marketing team.
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