Elegant print is not dead
It’s true, we live in a digital world. But even techies value paper, especially if it has value. 


Print has a couple of advantages over digital media:


1. Accurate colors: You’ve likely seen inconsistencies before – looking at your photos on someone else’s device you notice the color is off! That wall looks ecru, but it was white on my screen! Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you, the screen is.   


Unlike digital screens, which often require calibration to accurately interpret colors, printing a high resolution image at a professional print shop gives an accurate representation of the final digital image.


2. Wide application: Even if everyone has a smart phone today, do they “fat thumb” everything? Or do they think that entering any form suddenly captures their personal information into a never-ending marketing funnel of future emails, texts, or calls? 


The reality is, not everyone with technology knows how to use it. 


In addition, maybe you like to test your design skills and come up with a design you think looks good. But what looks good to you may not be appealing to your customers. 


Leverage OBEO’s media experience from millions of listings. Data shows that our simple and elegant templates are just what the customers want. Now you don’t have to agonize over whether a brochure template will actually work or not – we’ve done that for you. All you need to do is select your template and print or share. 
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Step 2 – Select Action drop down arrow
Step 3 – Select Brochures
Step 4 – Select a Brochure template
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