**We will keep this updated as conditions or situations change.**

In addition to the Property Shoot Checklist, the following guidelines promote safety during the COVID-19 crisis:

Health Crisis Guidelines for Property Owners and Agents:


  1. Vacant premises – Property owners should either be off-site, on-site but out of the property, or comply with the CDC’s social distancing requirements (minimum 6 feet away) for the photoshoot (basically the property needs to be “vacant”). Property owners experiencing any symptoms should alert the photographer and cancel the appointment.
  2. Photo ready – Property owners should have the home photo-ready, or in the best presentation possible. Photographers have a “hands-off” policy and will not be staging or touching-up anything that even seems obvious (i.e., no straightening curtains, removing clutter on countertops, etc.) Until further notice, they will only be touching door handles (we also recommend that the property owner open the doors to each room that will be photographed prior to the appointment).
  3. Airflow – Property owners, where possible, should open interior windows 30 minutes prior to the appointment to encourage clean airflow. (Property owners should close windows before the appointment or photos will be captured with open windows).


Health Crisis Guidelines for Photographers:


  1. Safety first – Photographers who are experiencing any flu-like symptoms will not photograph homes. Any outstanding orders will be re-assigned to a different photographer.
  2. Be clean – Photographers must follow guidelines from the CDC. Before entering a property, make sure hands were washed thoroughly and, whenever possible and supplies permitting, wear latex gloves, foot booties, and mask. After leaving an appointment, photographers should thoroughly wash hands and disinfect equipment.
  3. Hands-off – Photographers should follow an on-site “hands-off” policy (i.e., no straightening curtains, removing clutter on countertops, etc.). When applicable, only touch door handles (we also recommend that when opening door handles, do so with a clean barrier (i.e., gloves, tissue, etc.).


  • Do we still photograph when stay-at-home restrictions are active?
  • Yes. Our first concern is safety. We have clearly outlined how real estate properties can safely be photographed within the guidelines of health officials in governing bodies. If precautions cannot be taken to guarantee a safe result to all parties, then the order should be canceled.
  • Are photographers non-essential?
  • Most stay-at-home orders are very clear about what “is” essential. Stay-at-home orders are given not to prevent travel for travel sake. They are given to minimize the risk of spreading a horrible virus by significantly limiting any potential interaction with others. This is why we are actively following the shooting guidelines for COVID-19.
  • Will the photographer be cited for not following stay-at-home restrictions?
  • Most stay-at-home restrictions are attempting to educate the public and likely will not result in a citation if steps have been implemented to not spread COVID-19. If an officer were to question a photographer, the typical response would sound something like this: “I am going to photograph a vacant home, the windows of which have been opened for the last 30 minutes and all of the interior doors opened. I will not be associating with any person and will likely only be touching the front door handle to enter and exit the property. I will also be thoroughly sterilizing my hands before and after this appointment”.