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Virtual Twilight — Making Every Hour ‘Magic Hour’

The Best Lighting to Highlight Your Property’s Best Features

Every talented photographer knows that the best time to capture breath-taking images is during ‘magic hour’ — those moments of twilight right before sunrise or just after sunset. Unfortunately, getting the sun to respect a photographer’s schedule isn’t always possible.

That’s where OBEO Virtual Twilight comes in.

What Is OBEO Virtual Twilight?

Virtual twilight is a digital photography enhancement technique that allows properties to appear to be photographed at dawn or dusk, with all of the soft, exquisite lighting advantages that come with it. With OBEO Virtual Twilight, you’ll always have the perfect magic-hour photographs to complement your listings.


What Are the Advantages of Virtual Twilight?

Traditionally, capturing twilight real estate photos meant being at the right place, at the right time, during the right conditions. OBEO virtual twilight changes all of that — taking top-quality images and using advanced technologies to make up the difference. Here are a few top advantages of OBEO Virtual Twilight Real Estate Photography.

Virtual twilight photos can be taken at any time during the day, so an inconvenient late-day (or early-morning) photography session is not required.

Virtual twilight photography extends your listings to a broader audience by adding more image options to showcase your properties.

Virtual twilight photography provides a better look of the exterior, with the outdoor lights appearing the brightest and the indoor lights coming through the windows.

Listings with virtual twilight images generate on average 50% more views than listings that don’t.

Virtual twilight demonstrates to home sellers that you are up to date with current technologies.

How Does OBEO Virtual Twilight Work?

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