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Aerial Photography — Real Estate from a Higher Perspective

When it comes to real estate photography, buyers want more than just a few snapshots — they want to see the big picture. They want a bird’s eye view. They want to take it all in. Simply put, they want real estate aerial photography.

OBEO delivers.

What Is Real Estate Aerial Photography?

Real estate aerial photography is a technique for photographing homes and other properties that uses advanced drone technology to create images that would otherwise be impossible. Drones fly high above to capture aerial photographs, which can then be optimized and enhanced to produce amazing, bird’s-eye views — perfect for promoting your listings.

What Are the Advantages of Real Estate Aerial Photography?

When selling or listing a property, you want the best images to share with your buyers. Giving them the opportunity to view the property — not only from ground level and room by room, but from above — can help your listing stand out. OBEO’s Real Estate Aerial Photography services handle all the details, and the advantages are clear:

Using OBEO drone photography, real estate agents can provide prospective buyers with aerial images that are otherwise impossible to capture.

Aerial photography is an effective way to show off multiple property features, such as yards, pools, paths, etc., all at once.

Aerial photography demonstrates to home sellers that the agent is up to date with current technologies.

Drone photography not only captures stunning property images, but also allows for a much wider view of the surrounding areas and neighborhoods.

Agents who incorporate aerial images into their listings sell home more quickly — potentially 68% faster than those that use only standard images.

How Does OBEO Virtual Staging Work?

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