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Obeo vStager - This is How Obeo Does Virtual Staging

Obeo brings life to your vacant real estate photos using our photo-realisic virtual staging service and interactive vStager virtual remodeling tool.

Watch the short video below to learn what Obeo vStager is all about.

Virtual Staging Before and After

What Is Virtual Staging?

Using the latest 3D rendering technologies, we are able to take a photo of an empty room and then fill it full of beautiful furniture & accessories. Our virtual staging team can add designer couches, tables, rugs, lamps, tv's, draperies and many other items to make the home look like a million dollars. Obeo offers the highest quality and most photo realistic imagery available for your properties. View Photo Gallery

It's proven that staging helps sell homes faster and earn a higher price. With Obeo's virtual staging, you will save hundreds (or thousands) over traditional staging and avoid the hassle of moving furniture around the home. Virtual Staging allows the interested buyers to see the potential of the home using digital imagery.

Virtual Staging Options

What is Obeo vStager?

Obeo takes virtual staging a step further with our new Obeo vStager! This interactive virtual staging platform includes our professional virtual staging service, but also includes the following:
  • 4 Additional virtually staged images (5 total staged images per photo)
  • Interactive Obeo StyleDesigner (change wall paint color, flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc.)
  • Online Obeo HomeSite Virtual Tour
  • All this for only $10 more per photo!
Obeo vStager allows potential buyers to get their creative juices flowing, because they can use this interactive tool to see what the home may look like if they were to move in. It's the best value in town, because we give you 5 virtually staged images for the same price our competition charges for a single image. View Demo

Virtual Staging Furniture Collections

Thousands of Design Options

Obeo has built a large library of custom furniture collections to choose from for your virtually staged photos. We have a wide variety of different styles of furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and other areas of the home. Each of these collections contains couches, rugs, tables, draperies and other furniture items to create the perfect look for the room.

When you place your order, you can specify the specific furniture style/collection you would like to see in your final image. We can even change the fabric color and wood type in any collection, giving you thousands of design possibilities. Can't make a decision? No problem. We can also pick the collection for you. View Our Collections

Obeo vStager / Virtual Staging Features & Pricing

Below is a list of features that are included with our two different staging packages. Pricing is determined by the number of photos ordered per listing. If you have over 5 listings that you would like to do staging on, please contact us for lower bulk pricing. Our staging process normally takes 3 business days to complete.

  Photos Per Listing
Product Includes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Virtual Staging
  • High-Res Staged Photo
$89 $159 $209 $279 $299 $359 $419 $479
Obeo vStager
  • High-Res Staged Photo
  • 4 Additional Staged Images
  • Obeo StyleDesigner
  • Obeo HomeSite Hosting
$99 $179 $239 $319 $349 $419 $489 $549

Obeo's Virtual Staging services will bring life to your empty/vacant listings and allow potential buyers to see the potential of the home. Click Order Now to get started or Contact Us with any questions you have.

Obeo vStager - Virtual Staging

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Before and After Photo Gallery View before / after examples in our virtual staging gallery.
View Furniture Collections View the wide variety of furniture collections available to you.
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Testimonial: Virtual Staging

"Recently I listed and sold a coop in Great Neck, New York with the help of virtual staging. This coop was previously listed with two other brokers. The apartment did not show well in the photography. With the help of Steve we moved all of the living room and dining room furniture to another room and virtually staged it. We had double the amount of showings and sold it within 90 days. Thank you Obeo." - Mollie Grossman, Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate
How Virtual Staging Works

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