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Obeo’s HTML 5 Property Website— The Ultimate Real Estate Marketing Platform

Now there’s a revolutionary new way to market your real estate properties online. Introducing Obeo’s new HTML 5 Property Website! This hot new virtual tour platform not only shows the home as it is, but it allows consumers to decorate rooms and visualize the home the way they would live in it.

Obeo’s HTML 5 Property Website

HTML 5 Property Website

Take your property marketing to the next level!  This hot new virtual tour viewer was designed using HTML 5 rather than the old out dated Java/Flash technology that most virtual tour viewers use. HTML 5 is much faster loading, is fully functional on all tablets, and has far better SEO capabilities. What does that mean for you?  It means consumers will have a better experience interacting with your listing, and your listing is more likely to be found in online searches.

Intelligent Photo Mapping

Professional Photography

It all starts with quality photos and Obeo's national team of professional real estate photographers. WOW your seller by sending in a professional photographer to capture the home at it's best!
All Obeo photography packages include the Obeo property website platform. We also provide you with the original high-resolution photos for use in your own marketing efforts. A picture is worth a thousand words, and professional photography from Obeo will help you sell your listing. View our professional real estate photography examples from past clients.

Room Decorator

Room Decorator *

The feature that truly launches this viewer into the next millennium is its Room Decorator. The Room Decorator will allow consumers to not only see a property as it is, but to dream what it could be. It gives consumers the ability to decorate your photos with the 3D furnishings and accessories that inspire them. They will say “I can see me there” as they create the rooms that match their style and vision. Consumers will be glued to your tours for hours, dropping area rugs here, dragging sofas over there, and adding fun accessories everywhere!

*Available to EasyEdge Members only.

Mobile Device

Mobile Friendly

One of the most exciting features of this new HTML 5 Virtual Tour viewer is its mobile performance. Most virtual tour companies offer mobile versions of their viewer. These are completely different viewers that are usually missing most the features of the standard tour. Obeo’s new HTML 5 property website was built with responsive design, meaning it automatically responds to and works on any tablet and is fully functional. Every consumer, will have the same experience with the virtual tour, whether they are using a PC or a tablet. But Obeo didn’t stop there. They designed this new viewer to be touch screen friendly, so consumers interacting with it on touch screens will have an ideal experience.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Obeo will gather all the virtual tour details and photographs and create an engaging YouTube video. But we don’t stop there! Obeo automatically Geo Tags your YouTube video, guaranteeing that your branded video will rank near the top of any online property address search. We will also tag the video with your selected keyword phrases.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing should be easy! Obeo helps by providing you with gorgeous brochure templates, a variety of fun eFlyers for emailing, auto-generated Craigslist templates, and html code for creating super fast blog posts!
Social media has never been easier! Obeo will auto-post your tour to Facebook and Twitter. Add the Obeo Listings App to your Facebook Page to showcase all your listings.

Statistics Reports

Detailed Statistics Reports

Obeo has a complete back office where you can customize the design of your HTML 5 virtual tour and view detailed statistics reports. These reports show you the daily traffic to your listings for each photo and which referring websites are sending you the most visitors. We also give you the name, phone number and e-mail address of all the leads the Obeo Tour has generated for you.
Take it a step further and schedule these reports to be automatically sent to your sellers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Prove your effectiveness and show your seller how many online showings you are having.

Key Features of Obeo HomeSite

Below is a list of the key features and benefits that are included with every HTML 5 virtual tour. Every photography package we offer includes a HTML 5 virtual tour and all the items listed below.

Feature Description / Benefit
24/7 Listing Information The Obeo HTML 5 virtual tour is available 24 hours a day to promote your listing and give potential buyers the information they need.
Choice of Photography Obeo’s virtual tour viewer will accommodate multiple different photography packages consisting of still photos and 360 degree panoramas.
Listing Details Login to the Obeo Members Area to add/edit any of your listing information at anytime.
Detailed Statistics See how much traffic your listing is getting, where it's coming from and automatically e-mail your sellers with this information.
Lead Generation Obeo HomeSite provides several opportunities to capture new leads from potential buyers. These leads are e-mailed to you and can be viewed from your Obeo Member's Area.
YouTube Video Creation We use the photos of the property to create a video of the home and post it to YouTube.
Listing Syndication We automatically distribute your listings to major real estate websites for more exposure of your properties.
Social Syndication You can setup Obeo to automatically post your new listings to your personal Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.
Design Customization Modify the default appearance of your Obeo virtual tour to match your branding by changing the background color, text color and display images.
Customized Tools You have control over the tools and can hide most of them from your listing. You can also change where some of the tools link to and point them to your own custom web pages.
Floor Plan If you have a floor plan image, you can post this to the tour at no additional cost.
Photo Download Download the photos we have taken of the property in 5 different sizes, including the original high-res images.
Mobile Features Description / Benefit
Responsive Design Every consumer will have the exact same experience regardless of the device they are using.
Mobile Agent Site We also create a mobile website just for you that includes your contact information and all your Obeo listings.
Mobile Push From the Obeo virtual tour, type in any cell phone number to send a text message with the property information, maps, driving directions and photos to any mobile phone.
Touch Screen Friendly Designed to be interacted with on touch screen devices.
QR Codes We provide you with a QR code for each of your listings and your mobile website that can be scanned with a smart phone.
Text Code Lead Generator Market your free text code and just sit back and collect the leads that flow in!
Tools Description / Benefit
Make an Appointment Interested buyers can fill out this form to request a live showing, which captures the lead for you.
Important Documents Use our free document hosting to upload additional files to the tour, which can also be downloaded from the tour.
Print Brochure Choose from several different flyer templates that can be printed directly from the tour.
eFlyer Templates Send the tour via e-mail using our beautiful eFlyer templates, which can also be used to quickly post your property to Craig's List.
Download Tour Download the virtual tour for offline viewing or to burn to a CD and give to potential buyers.
Street Map View an interactive aerial map of the property and surrounding areas.
Neighborhood Map View surrounding stores, gas stations, churches and other local points of interest including how far they are from the home.
Mortgage Calculator Interested buyers can quickly see how much they can expect to pay if they purchased the property.
Nearby Schools We provide detailed school information and demographics for the interested buyer.
Local Weather Out of state buyers can view the local weather and weather trends with our weather widget.
Share This Tour Quickly share the tour with others by posting it to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media website.
Embedded Tour Host the tour on your own website or blog by using our HTML Embed Code.
All of these features are included with every full-service photography package or self-service tour that Obeo provides.

The HTML 5 Virtual Tour Viewer is the ultimate way to promote your listings online. Click Order Now get started with Obeo or Contact Us with any questions you have.

Obeo Property Website

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