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Real Estate Video Marketing Infographic

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The fact that 92% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes has changed the way agents market their listings. Buyers are visual and have short attention spans. In fact, studies show you really only have three seconds to capture their attention, before they move on. One great way to capture that attention is with stunning professional photography. Another way is with captivating real estate video. Many real estate agents have started adopting video marketing, but it is still not a standard part of marketing campaigns for most agents. Two things are going to change that very quickly!
  1. Technology is making professional video marketing more affordable.
  2. Statistics prove that real estate video marketing works!
The stats are in, and we've compiled a fascinating infographic full of them. Check out the real estate video marketing statistics that are included in the infographic, and we think you'll agree that video will soon be an industry standard on every listing!
  real estate video marketing infographic